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We were one of the first UK Office furniture manufacturers to obtain ISO 14001 environmental standard as part of our manufacture process. We take care of the global environment on a local level.

We are fully committed to our Environmental Policy, with a list of environmental procedures and targets throughout our design, manufacturing and installation processes.

All of our timber, used across our portfolio of products is responsibly sourced and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, with a minimum recycled content of 70%, and has a full chain of custody in place. Our Design team always look to have the maximum amount of recycled content in all of our products, whether its timber, steel or reconstituted plastic, without effecting the products strength, quality or durability.

Driving down waste is key to building a sustainable and environmentally friendly focused business. A waste reduction target of less than 1% is designed into all our products and manufacturing processes. For example, all off-cuts from our timber usage are fully recycled to feed our heating system. Every part of the business is independently audited every six months to ensure we are fully compliant and up to date with our Environmental policies, and that we continually meet our exacting standards and hard reaching yearly environmental targets.
Number of miles our factories are from our timber supplier
Minimum recycled content in all of our timber products
Our waste reduction target, designed into all our manufactured products

We also ensure that our fleet of vehicles have a minimal impact on the environment — from their fuel type to the way we organise the route of our delivery vehicles. We are full members of the FISP (Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme), and have calculated carbon footprints for each of our products.

We also promote a fantastic refurbishment service, offering clients an opportunity to refurbish or reupholster their existing products, whether they were manufactured by us or not. Extending the life cycle of any product is incredibly environmentally friendly and offers great value for money.
For more details please either contact us for a full copy of our environmental policy, or speak to your local Area Sales Manager.