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A Company with Experience

Formed in 1947, we've been working in partnership with our clients for almost 70 years now — providing high quality, well designed and stylish furniture solutions throughout the United Kingdom from our upholstery and panelling sites in the North East of England.

We were borne of a need identified by Ken Godfrey and Harry Syrett in 1947, to supply the newly formed National Health Service with robust and durable tables and chairs.

This was the first of many successful partnerships we've since established, and within a range of market sectors.  Our business model supports strategic partnering, and we place a high importance on understanding our customers' wider business objectives.

Over the years we have evolved, become stronger, and are continually creative - and thanks to partners like the NHS, as healthy a company as you are likely to find.

When we first started out, television was in its infancy Doris Day was in the charts and George VI was King.  Though much has changed since then, our guiding principles remain the same.

They are what has taken us from that small factory manufacturing chairs for the NHS, to the flexible, forward-thinking multi-million pound business we are now.

A heritage like ours isn’t built on sales — it’s been built over time by passionate people with real expertise, who share values core to our business.  We are immensely proud of this heritage - after all, everyone can claim a history but a heritage like ours is much rarer.