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New Year, New Showroom

23rd February 2017, 15:25pm

Let us take you on a virtual tour of our newly refurbished showroom!

On 3rd February, we officially opened the refurbished showroom at our Killingworth site. Our local Elected Mayor, Norma Redfearn of North Tyneside Council, very kindly agreed to come and join in the celebrations, wielding the scissors to mark the space officially open.

We are very proud of the space and would love to be able to show it off to everyone… however, we understand that not everyone can make it up to Newcastle to see our furniture in person. So we’ve put together this handy blog post to walk you through the different ‘zones’ we’ve laid out, and talk you through the trends that inspired them.
Welcome to our showroom….

Walk upstairs and the first thing you’ll see is our touchdown working zone. We have used Zip, our modular furniture solution, to create a variety of working areas where users can work individually on touchdown units and desks; or catch up together in the Zip booth. Zip can be easily reconfigured by unzipping the units, moving them into a new layout, and re-connecting them.

Fancy a coffee?

More and more companies are integrating a relaxed canteen/dining area in their schemes. We’ve shown how this can be incorporated using a mixture of tables at different heights, and a selection of complementary multipurpose seating. Hi-Ben, our sturdy wooden table; is paired with some simple and unassuming Ligno stools, and is a favourite spot amongst our staff for both lunching and brainstorming alike. Alongside this we’ve paired our Genoa tables with a selection of Loola, Frill, No Frill and Olé chairs in complementary colours.
Metal Legs and Pink Hues

Current fabric trends are all about muted, mature colour palettes, mixing and matching, and heavy textures. We’ve dedicated a corner of our showroom to lounge chairs with metal legs, dressed in pinks and greys. Here, you can see Eleanor, Skara, Jude and Michelle.

Wooden Legs and Pale Blues

Adding wooden legs to your soft seating will instantly soften your scheme, creating a welcoming and cosy aesthetic. We’ve got Eleanor and Skara paired with some Beech (stained Walnut) frames; and we think they look stunning!


Say Hello to Mr Jones… Modular

Mr Jones was our showcase piece in 2016, and now he’s taking centre stage in our showroom in all his modular glory. Take a look at the images below to see how the different modules can be used to create eye-catching seating layouts in your space. 

Find Your Spark 

Our Spark sofas come in many forms, and you can see two of them in our showroom.
We’re matched up a number of the Quadrant pieces to create a circular meeting space, arranged around a central table and complemented with some loose Geo stools and matching cushions.
Spark-Lo, a recent introduction to the family, is paired with wooden legs to create a relaxed, semi-private seating area; sectioned off from the main showroom with a storage wall. The integrated electrics in Spark-Lo allow visitors and staff to plug in and work away from their desks. Sit down here to look through the many fabric choices on offer. 

Go Configure

Solar, our modular sofa range, has its own corner in the showroom. Chunky, sturdy and very comfortable; we’ve gone for a heavily textured fabric base with light green cushions and buttons. The cushions and footstool echo Pantone’s 2017 Colour of the Year, Greenery

Hey Jude

Jude has been a favourite of ours for a few years now; and we’ve recently brought a 2 seater version into the mix. The Jude range has been partitioned behind some floor-standing high Era screens; creating another semi-private meeting area. Here we’ve gone for a range of pink tones, from bright to muted.


Sit/Stand desking is becoming more and more popular within the UK. In our showroom, you can try out our new Ascend Bench; our back-to-back sit/stand desking solution. 

Trophy Corner

Last but not least… 2016 was a pretty good year for us (have a read here if you need to catch up) and we just had to have somewhere to display our trophy haul! You can find these sitting pride of place behind Solar.

Hopefully, that whirlwind tour has given you a flavour of what you can see in our shiny new showroom! If you would like to take a look, we’d love to have you here. Please just get in touch with your local ASM, or contact us directly using the details below:


0191 268 1010