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Case Studies

Clitheroe Community Hospital


Clitheroe Community Hospital is situated in the Ribble Valley and provides a high standard of nursing care within a homely relaxed environment. 

The hospital has two wards providing 24 hour nursing care to people requiring rehabilitation, post-operative nursing care, ongoing medical care, palliative care and blood transfusions. 

The new hospital development has provided a long awaited new 32-bed, inpatient facility with all the supporting infrastructure, which will provide the residents of the Ribble Valley and surrounding areas a state-of-the-art facility fit for the 21st century. 

The new hospital is the first in East Lancashire not to have nursing stations, instead, the nurses will have mobile computers on wheels. Health experts believe the move will encourage nurses to have more interaction with patients and be able to deliver higher standards of care. 

In addition, there will be three physiotherapy teams, one occupational therapy team, special care dentistry treatment, diagnostic facilities, a new radiology department and an expanded outpatient department with eight consulting rooms. 

The new hospital wards have been carefully designed to ensure they create a comfortable and relaxing setting for people suffering with dementiarelated illnesses. 

There is increasing evidence that the physical environment within which care is delivered has a major impact on the outcomes of care for dementia patients, the experience of care for them and their carer’s, and the experience and reward for staff.


This great opportunity was won following a mini competition drawn from quotations of the frame work, we were successful due to our ability to provide the whole package and offered furniture solutions which provided the Wow Factor.

We were proud to have been involved in providing furniture to help people with dementia, improve the environment for staff and generally provide a more comfortable, calm and relaxing setting for all patients.