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Case Studies

Morrison’s Academy


The award-winning Morrison’s Academy provides a suite of training and development tools to bring out the best in their employees at all stages in their career. Founded in 2009, the Academy is built on strong partnerships with leading academic accrediting, training and development providers. 

​This year the standard set by Morrison’s Academy was recognised externally at the National Training Awards, with Morrison’s winning the overall National Training Award. The judges praised their training best practice, the Academy’s unique scale and their exceptional commitment to embedding the programme right across all stores throughout the UK.


Morrisons were making dramatic improvements to the training services they provide to their employees, the furniture for the impressive Academy building needed to be high quality to reflect these high standards in training. As the incumbent supplier of furniture to Morrisons, Godfrey Syrett were involved from initial concept meetings through to final sign off.

The Programme management team within Morrisons had identified several high end high cost products which they felt reflected the overall aesthetic that they were determined to achieve. When Godfrey Syrett were given the opportunity to offer our equivalent the team were pleased with the design, quality and price for all the items offered as alternatives.

The Morrison’s team selected high grade pure wool fabric from Camira – Blazer and Monroe – band. This helped raise the overall profile of the spaces, the use of bright colour’s made for a fantastic looking final scheme.

Godfrey Syrett worked to the Morrison’s timeframe to achieve striking end result ahead of the official opening and first training sessions.