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Case Studies

Newcastle University ION Building

Newcastle University’s mission is to be a world-class research intensive university, to deliver teaching and facilitate learning of the highest quality and to play a leading role in the economic, social and cultural development of the North East of England.
The 50-acre site at the heart of Newcastle city centre boasts some of the best teaching and learning facilities in the country. The Institute of Neuroscience unites clinicians and basic scientists with the common aim to understand brain and behaviour both in health and disease.
Working from the basic biology of neurons through to complex processes of perception and decision making behaviour, we address how the mind, brain and body together work normally and translate this knowledge into clinical application for greater patient benefit.
Their innovation, expertise and cutting edge technology is leading to increased understanding of some of the greatest challenges in neuroscience. The Institute of Neuroscience brings together one of the UK’s largest groupings of neuroscientists. There are currently over 90 faculty members at Newcastle University conducting research in various aspects of nervous systems, brain function, and behaviour.

The University chose to partner Godfrey Syrett following a competitive tender process. Godfrey Syrett were able to offer cost effective furniture solutions without compromising on quality and style.