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Case Studies

Salford Royal Hospital, Hope Building

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust is a large teaching trust that provides hospital and community care to the people of Salford and beyond.
Hope Building is part of Salford Royal’s £200 million redevelopment scheme to improve the hospital site. It is home to a new A&E department and 242 beds, including a 55 bed Emergency Assessment Unit, a 32 bed Critical Care Unit and new facilities for Renal, Intestinal Failure and Urology Services.
The emergency facilities, which will have an entrance on Eccles Old Road, will take over from the existing overstretched A&E, which treated 64,000 patients last year – despite only being designed for a capacity of 30,000.
Godfrey Syrett was charged with creating modern furniture that reflected the colour and design of the building itself, while helping to maintain impeccable infection control standards.
Horizon and Flare systems were configured to make the most of the buildings architecture and bring colour and calm to apprehensive patients visiting the Hospital. Korus seating in matching colours can also be inn in the main foyer to compliment the Horizon sofa, and create a striking centre piece to the main atrium.