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Clerkenwell Design Week 2016: Our Review

9th June 2016, 12:00pm

Can you believe it’s been 2 weeks since the end of Clerkenwell Design Week 2016? Now our feet have recovered and we’ve had a chance to reflect; we thought it was a good time to share 3 of the top trends we spotted across the event.

Muted tones on fabrics
The soft furnishings palette has most definitely moved on from primary colours. All across Clerkenwell, we saw furniture upholstered in mature, fresh and muted tones. Particularly prevalent were fabrics which replicated, or were very close to; Pantone’s Colours of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. These cool and calming colours represent balance, serenity and wellness: a sure reflection on the concept of mindfulness; and creating a welcoming, comforting and inspirational working environment. This trend is also reflective of the increasing domestification of the office and the blurring of the lines between domestic and contract.

Wooden furniture legs
With the domestification of the office comes the more traditionally ‘domestic’ trends, such as wooden furniture legs. We saw these everywhere we looked at Clerkenwell: they are definitely here to stay. The use of a wooden leg or frame gives a softer, more homely appearance to furniture. Take a look at our Eleanor chair; a timeless piece which, when combined with wooden legs, has a beautiful mid-century modern air.

Integrated electrics
In response to the ever increasing trend towards flexible working, it’s important for companies to incorporate spaces where people can sit down, plug in and go. We saw a growing trend towards integrated electrics in soft seating at Clerkenwell; ideal for providing work-ready breakout areas for individual working or meeting spaces, and even for office reception or waiting areas.
Our Spark-Hi booth seating is ideal for creating a semi-private space where users can plug in and focus away from distractions.

What did the team think?
Owen, our KTP Associate reflects:

“This year’s Clerkenwell showcased how flexible working is being achieved through well thought-out design solutions. This is sure to shape the way we work in the future. In the next 12 months I expect to see the exploration of mixing materials to continue as manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing and consumer tastes advance. The lines between contract and domestic furniture are really blurring.”